Is it possible to model anguish computationally?

Figure 1- M.C. Escher — Möbius Strip II (1963) from Book X cover of Lacan

Anguish is an affection defined in the psychoanalysis field by Freud and by Lacan. A common translation for the word anguish from other languages such as French and German to English is anxiety. The probable reason for that will be explained later in this text.

Affective Computing

In case you want some context of what is affective computing or the taxonomy of approaches to modeling emotions in artificial systems (emotion-AI), you can find a high level overview in this link.

Let’s go back to the Anguish

Rosalind Picard coined the term affective computing in 1995, whose definition is the possibility of the computer to be capable of recognizing and expressing emotion. Recognizing emotion means the ability of the artificial intelligence (AI) system to detect emotions, whereas expressing emotion is the capacity of the AI system to synthesize emotion artificially. The computing community has settled down some approaches to modeling emotions, as shown in Figure 2.

Thaysa Bello

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